Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Time in England: Formals, Fancy Events, Last Hurrahs, and Iceskating

The last week or so in Nottingham absolutely flew by! I had my final Lenton and Wortley formal dinner, enjoyed the lavish Snowflake Ball, wrote 6 papers, packed, spent my last Nottingham night in Ocean, and spent the day iceskating and eating in London all before hopping on a plane and landing in the United States. 

Because there was so much that happened, the best way to tell you all about it is to show you through pictures...ENJOY!

The Lenton and Wortley Christmas Tree 
The little table trees, so cute!

Christmas Formal Dinner
Sarah, Liv, Ella, and Char all looking so gorgeous!
Sarah, Liv, and Kiyan ready to eat
Time for Santa hats!
Dan, me, and Elliott with our Santa hats 

Some of the boys: Dan, Siggy, George, and Sam
Christmas Crackers!
And what did we find in the crackers? Crowns and jokes! 
Char is not quite as festive as me...crownless 
But Sarah did it right, crown and santa hat! 

Matt and me on the bus ride to the after party 
Liv and Ella
Me and Lucy
Charlie, Elliot, Dan, George, and Dan
Charlie, Dan, and George
Dan, Elliott, and Matt
My International Friends! Jenny and Hanna
Dave and Liv

Connor, Ella, Liv, and Wes

Sam found an elf hat...


Just some random pictures...
Matt was a little sleepy
Ellie and Emilia watching Carols!
The beautiful view from my room!
So much frost on the downs

The Snowflake Ball
A lions head was the entrance
An African night sky 
The African Dancers
Will and Kiyan 
Sarah, Kiyan, and Emilia
Me and Sarah (notice Charlie in the background)
The boys at the Snowflake Ball: Matt, Elliott, Dan, Dan, Will and Charlie

The Zulu dancers casually climbing a pole 

Will, me and Charlie
Sarah and Kiyan

Dancing with fire!
Tiny desserts!

Tiny spoons
Dimples galore!
Me and Lucy

Me and Sam
Holly, Ella, and me

Time for the rides!

Holly and Liv looking oh so pretty!

Me and Mr. Lenton and Wortley president! Shiv!
Matt and his bowtier
When it is your last week in Nottingham you get free drinks!
Emilia and me

Hannah and me!
Dan was a little tired...

Some more random pictures...

Frosty grass
Is this normal??
Secret Santa presents, Char was looking so cute!

My last night in Nottingham
Sam and Char, such a cute couple!

Liv and Ellie 
Sarah and me
Trying to dance as well as Char 

Will and me

And then I ran into Sian!
I was wanted back in Greenville,
but I had a few days left in England
 My Last Day in London

I was only pretending like I was good at iceskating,
it turns out that is a complete and total joke

Holly is not a big fan of iceskating

The ice skaters

The photographers/spectators

Shiv, thanks for taking pictures!
Napkin hats at Wagamamas
Goodbye London, I'll see you soon